PSP PS One Emulator Details

PSP PS One Emulator Details

플래시 영상 출처 : PSP-Updates의  Kyle M. 님의 포스트

시스템 소프트웨어 3.00 (그리고 3.01)에서 추가된 PS3와 연동하여
PSP에서 PS One 소프트를 구동하는 동영상이라고 합니다.
거의 풀 프레임으로 구동이 가능하다고 하는군요.

대단합니다. 3.00 (또는 3.01)로의 업그레이드는 한번쯤 생각해볼만은 합니다. [각주]PS3가 있다면 말이죠^^;;[/각주]

플래시 영상 중간에 보니 화면 크기도 조정이 가능한듯 보이는군요.
소니에서 꽤나 신경을 쓴 흔적이 보입니다.

… 한번 기다려 보도록 하죠.
천재 프로그래머가 나올것이라 생각합니다. 후후훗
그 분께서 다 해결해 주시겠죠.

PSP-Updates에서 원문보기

A Japanese gamer has today revealed some more information on PSP’s elusive PSOne Emulator, which is included with the magical firmware 3.0 that was released 48 hours ago. Using the PS3, the gamer first bought three games: Tekken 2, Biohazard, and Jumping Flash. I hate to burst the bubble of those who are expecting for straightforward PSOne emulation, but Tekken 2 was around 542 MB and it took a very long time (around one hour) just to copy it to the memory stick.

Another flaw of the PSOne emulator is that, by default, the analog stick was made a replacement to PSP’s lack of the L2 and R2 buttons. This means that moving the analog left = L2, right = R2 and up = L2+R2. This may be a little annoying, especially because it will hinder your ability to use the analog stick in-game.

Screen Modes available are Original, Normal, and Full. But according to the gamer’s blog, there is quite a bit of lag when changing between these two modes. Also, the PS3 assigns a ‘usage ticket’ to the game, binding it so that it is playable only on a certain PSP. Presumably, you will need to register that PSP with the PS3 for the PSOne games to work.

Click on the video above to see a PSOne game being successfully emulated on the PSP!

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