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To those of you who want to learn or are trying to learn C++, this next one is going to be a big help. Homebrew coder and QJ.Net Forums member pspballer07 dropped by today and released PSP C++ IDE v1.0. The application, to those who missed our last report, is basically a PC-based Development Environment designed to help make coding in C++ easier.

Just like most PC-based PlayStation Portable (PSP) homebew application, C++ IDE requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 to work properly. Anyway, that wouldn’t be a problem as we’ve also provided that file below. Here are the many changes and improvements implemented by pspballer07 to this release:

* Editor Options in the Tools Menu now works
* Added Save All Feature
* New Project now creates a PSPFOLDER.path which allows you to copy your compiled Eboot to the PSP with the click of button.
* The following tools in the Tool Menu has been added:
o “Editor Options” now works
o “Cygwin Path” to choose your cygwin.bat for easy opening.
o “Show Path” to see the path you set for cygwin.bat
o “Compile” …it opens your cygwin.bat and a window pops up telling you what to type into the bash to compile it.
o “Copy Project EBOOT.PBP to PSP” to copy your EBOOT.PBP to your PSP with ease.
* You have to set the path of the folder in your PSP for the EBOOT.PBP to copy through your PSPFOLDER.path but make sure you keep the backslash at the end.

Read more about this file on the QJ.NET Blogs here

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