gpSP 0.9

gpSP 0.9 Released

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바뀐점은 다음과 같다고 합니다.


  • Fixed stereo output being reversed.
  • Fixed a bug causing misaligned errors on 8bit writes to the gbc audio channel 3 wave data (fixes various Super Robot Wars games)
  • Fixed DMA with garbage in their upper 4 bits (fixes a crash in Zelda: Minish Cap)
  • Added double buffering to the rendering, removes line artifacts.

    • Big thanks to Brunni for the idea.

  • Fixed a bug preventing some SRAM based games from saving (fixes MMBN4-6)
  • Fixed a bug causing part of EWRAM to potentially get corrupted if code segments loaded in EWRAM cross 32KB boundaries (fixes Phantasy Star 2)
  • Fixed a bug causing games using movs pc in user mode (very bad behavior) to crash. Fixes Colin McRae Rally 2.0.
  • Improved timing a bit more. Fixes GTA Advance.
  • Fixed a sprite clipping bug (fixes crash in third boss of Zelda: Minish cap)
  • Increased translation buffer size significantly (fixes Donkey Kong: King of Swing)
  • Fixed a dynarec bug causing add pc, reg to not work in Thumb code (fixes crash in DBZ:LoZ, seems to fix crashes in battle in Golden Sun, probably fixes other games)
  • Made sprites using tiles < 512 not display in modes 3-5 (fixes a couple minor graphical bugs)
  • Removed abort on instruction 0x00000000 hack, was breaking a certain bugged up game (Scurge)

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