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게임보이 어드벤스 에뮬레이터의 최강자
gpSP의 새로운 버젼이 나왔다.
잠시 플레이 해 봤는데 이제 거의 완벽해 보인다.
프레임을 변경하지 않아도 쾌적하게 플레이 할 수 있었다.

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— gameplaySP  Gameboy Advance emulator for Playstation Portable —

— Release log —

(legend: # bug fix, + feature addition, @ optimization)

v0.8 – (“unlocked” beta)

NOTE 1: It has come to my attention that there are actually BIOSes
out there that are being used that cause some games to not work.
The BIOS md5sum listed here is for the BIOS actually in GBAs and
is as accurate as you’ll get, (if you have a GBA and a flashcart
you can dump it yourself, see

NOTE 2: Since I know this is as far as a lot of people here I have a
little request. Please, please, (I’d italicize this if I could)
please stop constantly asking me when the next release will be,
what it’ll have, etc. And while you’re at it, please stop asking me
to implement wi-fi multiplayer, cheat support, or fix all of your
games. Some things will happen in due time, other things might not
ever happen. I devote about as much time as I can to this emulator
and I carefully include as much as I can in releases to try to
minimize the number of people who will nag me next time (erm, I
mean, to make the most people happy), so I don’t release every other
day or anything like that. Sorry that I can’t release once a week,
but I’m a lot busier now than I was when I was first developing this
emulator. Good thing I got the first version out before that, wasn’t

Congratulations, you made it this far! Now read the rest of the this
thing. *_*

# Fixed bug in dead flag elimination, “alt” version no longer needed.
# Fixed EEPROM saves being saved as 32kb instead of 512bytes/8kb
+ 32MB ROM support has been added. ROMS are “demand loaded” as
  necessary and page swapped out; there might be a small loading lag,
  but I have yet to ever really notice anything.
  NOTE: 32MB ROM support only works for unzipped ROMs.
+ Save states have been added. See the save state menu for save/load
+ Support for the real-time clock (RTC) chip in Pokemon cartridegs
  and other games. The implementation is based off of VBA’s, whatever
  notes on gbadev I could find, and some of my own reverse engineering
  of what the games do… it might not be totally correct. Also,
  setting the time does not work.
+ Per-game configuration. Currently this only saves frameskip and
  frameskip variation options.
+ Removed the flash type option from the menu and instead added it
  to game_config.txt. Hopefully got everything – let me know if you
  find something that isn’t there. It’s pretty easy to add them if you
  have to.
+ Added a display in the upper left-hand corner to indicate when
  fast-forward is on.
+ Added button bindings for save/load state.
@ Found a fix of StrmnNrmn proportion: far too much unnecessary mutex
  synchronization was going on. Removing the two offending lines of
  code gave a massive speed boost for free. Enjoy.


첫 화면에 약간의 센스를 발휘해주면 좋겠는데…

게임 플레이 화면 (irShell로 시작하여 캡쳐)

게임중 △버튼을 누르면 간단히 세팅할 수 있는 메뉴가 나온고,
△ 를 누른 상태에서 십자키의 오른쪽을 누르면 아래의 세팅화면이 나온다.
하단에 보면 Exit gpSP가 있다.
종료가 된다.♥_♥

파일은 PSP Updates 에..

빠른 소식을 접하기 위해 PSP Updates에 회원가입 후 이메일로 알림을 신청했다.

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