Dual Boot Custom Firmware

Dual Boot Custom Firmware

Update: harleyg has released a new version of his custom firmware patch. You’ll immediately notice ‘L’ trigger no longer boots DevHook – this has been replaced with the WLAN switch. In the off position it will automatically boot DevHook upon startup; otherwise, with WLAN on, you’ll boot 1.50 normally. More useful additions have been made – below is the v0.2 feature set:

무선랜 스위치로 제어를 하는 것 같습니다.

1. 무선랜 스위치를 꺼짐위치에 두고 PSP 전원을 켜면 DEVHOOK으로 부팅.
2. 무선랜 스위치를 켜짐위치에 두고 PSP 전원을 켜면 평상시와 같이 1.5 XMB로 부팅.

Configuration and recovery mode

New style and menu/sub menus
Clockspeed configuration
USB mode
Update vshmain.prx and recovery.elf
Remove patch
Launch update eboot
Replace index.dat

No kxploit
No corrupt icons
No intro
Controls (while booting):

WLAN switch down: Loads devhook
WLAN switch up: Loads XMB
HOLD on: Loads configuration and recovery mode
X: Launches autoboot eboot
“README.TXT” contains a lot of useful notes – for new and current users, be sure to check that out.

Download: Harleyg’s Custom Firmware Patch v0.2

Much thanks harleyg – very useful patch!

I decided to take yesterday off, fortunately there wasn’t much to report on; however, this particular release caught my attention. Harleyg has released a clever little firmware customization allowing you to easily “dual-boot” firmware versions: 1.50 and DevHook-emulated 2.xx.

Flash your 1.50 PSP with the download below. Once successfully flashed, holding the ‘L’ trigger during boot will automatically load DevHook with whatever firmware you have emulated. Otherwise your PSP will boot normally to 1.50! Cool huh?

Now, of course with flashing comes warning: DO NOT flash your PSP if you’re clueless. Any utility which writes directly to the PSP flash memory could potentially damage your PSP. You’ve been warned! Rest assure this custom firmware has been tested numerous times resulting with nothing but tears of joy.

Copy the RAR contents to your PSP’s memory stick maintaining the same directory structure. Run the customfirmware EBOOT and you’re done. As a precaution it may be wise to flash a non-custom 1.50 version, meaning if you have used Dark_AleX’s firmware or any other custom firmware, restore 1.50 to its original state and then use this.

Download: Harleyg’s Custom Firmware

– source: qj

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