DevHook v0.46 Released

Booster 쪽에서 DevHook v0.46을 내놓았군요.

DevHook v0.46 ‘Half Install To Internal Flash’ Released For PSP

The one and only Booster has now released a new version of DevHook for the PSP. The release name states ‘half install to internal Flash’, of course this sounds super risky so approach it with caution as of right now Devhook v0.45 does the job just fine with v2.71 firmware. You can download and discuss the release in this forum thread.

Remember to be very careful as we do not accept responsibility for anything that may result as of using this release.

!!!!! Importance!!!!!
When installation function of PSP built-in flashROM is used, reading ” PSP_FlashROM.txt “, in advance after understanding sufficiently, concerning the constitution and danger of FlashROM please be sure to use.

When during of PSP built-in flashROM is broken, there is a possibility PSP stopping starting.
!!!!! Importance!!!!!

소심한 저는 좀더 기다리렵니다. >ㅂ<)
뭔가 주의사항이 있는 듯하니 더 조심해야겠죠.

새 펌웨어(v2.80)가 나오자마자 Booster 쪽에서 움직이는군요.
역시 소니에서 움직여야 재미가 있습니다. ㅇㅅㅇ

맥스콘솔에서 확인하세요.
포스팅 당시엔 펌웨어 v2.80의 에뮬레이팅에 대한 이야기는 없습니다.

PS2NFO.com에 DevHook v0.46 관련 포스팅이 되어 있습니다.

– There is no 2.8 FW support yet.
– DevHook can now install to flash0 (dangerous, like all PSP flashing).
– If you install DevHook via flash, use “Remove Devhook Files” option to uninstall it.
– some games faster via flashing 0.46, ie F1 2006 (EUR) but GTA still lags.
– if you autoboot or use the Web it does not run from the MS, it runs from flash making things faster using less overhead.
– 333 MHz reported as fixed for some, not offically confirmed.
– be sure to read PSP_FlashROM_ENG.txt if you plan to flash it!

대충 살펴보면….

역시 펌웨어 버젼 2.80은 안되는군요.
Flash0에 인스톨 될 수 있다는 것은 DevHook 역시 커스텀펌웨어와 비슷하게 작동한다는 것인지??
Flash0에 인스톨 후 삭제시엔 메모리스틱에서 DevHook을 제거하기전에 언인스톨을 하고 해야 한다
(이것참 제법 번거럽겠는데요 - _-);;;;)
몇몇 게임은 쾌적하게 실행되지만 아직 랙이 있는 게임도 있다.
오토부팅 또는 웹.. 이부분은 잘 모르겠네요.
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