DevHook v0.46 Mod 1.62b Released

DevHook v0.46 Mod 1.62b Released

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Version 1.62b
– Updated Chinese language file
– Added firmware 1.50F config text file
– Updated name macro “names1020.eng” by sanaell
– Integrated Reconfigure eboot.pbp to Launcher folder(for using with emulated fw2.71 only, because it only work with HEN_C enabled)
– Integrated Homebrew Enabler C for Devhook by Dark_AleX
– Added Japanese language file
– Updated all language files to fix errors on Flash Rom menu text, please re-select language to load the correct menu.
– Integrated SVCapture by ADePSP, you need to edit “ms0:/dh/kd/capture.ini” to change capture keys.

– Added “AutoTheme” mode to Gameboot selector (for switching pmf video file only)

Vshexmod v1.21
– Automatically change Gameboot video for “AutoTheme” Gameboot mode at startup.
– Improved the increamental “Copy to MS” function

Hi All,

Here is another DEVHOOK launcher mod:

– Based on the TheBuzzer’s mod.
– Integrated 0.46 launcher Flash Rom feature (change confirmation button to START).
– Multiple Autorun settings: 1,3,5 seconds and autoboot (Triangle to cancel) – idea from Riedje’s mod.
– New screenshotbmp.prx from TheBuzzer
– Cross or Circle to comfirm, Triangle to cancel.
– Show Page x of y for the ISO selection, 12 items per page.
– UMD version moved to other menu
– DEVHOOK 0.46 prx included

chunglam_M#] 글쎄…a 버젼과 뭐가 다른지 Readme 를 두개 열어서 비교를 해봐야겠지만,
대충 봐서는 모르겠다.
알수없는 기술적인 부분이 바뀐것일수도…

몇시간전에 Mod v 1.62a에 관한 글을 봤던것 같은데
또 올라와 있다. -_-
의욕이 넘치는 것인지 건성건성하는 것인지…
일단 계속 이렇게 움직여주는게 고마울 따름이다.

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