DevHook Launcher Mod v1.65b

DevHook Launcher Mod v1.65b

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DevHook Launcher Mod v1.65b For PSP
By Chunglam <>

Version 1.65b

– Added font5x10.LATIN1, font6x12.LATIN1, font10x10.GB and font10x10.BIG5(quality isn’t very good since they were generated from TrueType font)
– Now menus of launcher and vshexmod can be in SJIS, GB, BIG5 and LATIN1 encoding format. Please specify encoding format in your language file.
– Updated Chinese name macro “” (GB) by angelspsp / eavlvoe
– Added Chinese name macro “names.sjis” (SJIS) by friend from Taiwan
– Added Simplified Chinese language file by CrUmp Zhao
– Added Polish language file by derdzik
– Added Portuguese Brazil language and help file by Pender666
– Changed background image contributed by tv8 and Whiplord
– Added firmware 2.00 config text files

– Now you can remove “ms0:/dh/kd/devhook046.prx” to prevent launcher prompt you “Switch Devhook” menu. (for Devhook 0.45 fans)
– Re-added firmware 2.00 selection

Vshexmod 1.25b
– Auto load name macro (names.*) if encoding format is specified in language file otherwise load “macro.txt”
– List only compatible fonts if encoding format is specified in language file.
– Added loading cover bitmap “cover0.bmp” in root of ISO/CSO image.

Hi All,

Here is another DEVHOOK launcher mod:

– Based on the TheBuzzer’s mod.
– Integrated 0.46 launcher Flash Rom feature (change confirmation button to START).
– Multiple Autorun settings: 1,3,5 seconds and autoboot (Triangle to cancel) – idea from Riedje’s mod.
– New screenshotbmp.prx from TheBuzzer
– Cross or Circle to comfirm, Triangle to cancel.
– Show Page x of y for the ISO selection, 12 items per page.
– UMD version moved to other menu
– DEVHOOK 0.46 prx included


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