CWCheat 0.1.6

CWCheat 0.1.6
for DevHook

무엇에 쓰는 물건인고~ 하시면
게임을 쉽게 즐길 수 있게 해주는 프로그램입니다.

액션리플레이 라고 들어보셨는지요.
잠시 시간을 내서 게임을 즐기시는데 게임머니 라던지 레벨 등
너무 많은 시간을 투자해야할 때가 있습니다.
그럴때 간단히 원하는 것(?)을 가질 수 있습니다……만
단점은 개인 취향에 따라 게임이 재미가 없어질 수 있다는 것입니다.
적당히 쓰면 더 즐겁게 즐길 수가 있어요.

[DN=1027162170.rar]다운로드[/DN] 설치는 이전버젼이 인스톨 되어 있다면 위 파일을 다운로드 받아서 압축해제하면
파일이 두개 나옵니다.
두 파일을 각각 다음 폴더에 옮겨주면 됩니다.

CWCHEAT.PRXms0:/dh/kd/ 폴더에
CHEAT.DBms0:/dh 폴더에 옮기시면 끝.
(덮어쓸까요? 라고 물으면 “모두 예” 하시면 간단히 해결~)

코드는 다음 사이트를 이용하세요.


[CORE PRX] -No more screen flickering and real time update of data in the main menu
-fixed that graphic glitch appearing when putting out and in the ms
-cleaned up the menus of useless clear screen and print calls
-added support for 8bit and 16bit multiadress write
it’s the same as 32bit multi write but with a 0x8 in the place of 0x4
and a 0x1 for 16bit and 0x0 for 8bit in front of the value entry (d)
0x4aaaaaaa 0xxxxxyyyy
0xdddddddd 0x00000000
0x8aaaaaaa 0xxxxxyyyy
0x1000dddd 0x00000000
0x8aaaaaaa 0xxxxxyyyy
0x000000dd 0x00000000
-string optimizations
-support to select search intervals in the fixed value and diff search
-now swap buttons option is saved and loaded
-fixed a string were X was still showed even if the buttons were swapped
-fixed a bug which could lock up remaPSP if you tried loading macros (thanks to BAC for reporting this)
-now the screen is cleared before exiting the menu (usefull when cheating some tiff apps like tetris which keeped
cwcheat menu in background and was a bit annoying, plus it can help avoiding games which shows cwcheat menu till
they refresh the screen)
-added greather/less by than before in the diff search with R you can navigate the entry for the value
-now the db is loaded in the volatile partition (thanks to tyranid for unlocking it) so it can be up to 4mb (in teory)
-added screenshoot support: this is a custum implementation based on nekokabu sources which locks the game only
for much less than a second. It proved to work fine everywere except in the browser with the menu opened.
plus you can costumize the button for it (also this uses the volatile ram area)
-now when using the clear background function the screen is cleared also in those games which didn’t permit to do it
(eg: burnout)
-fixed a bug which could prevent you to go left while entering hex values in the fixed value search and cheat modify menu
-optimized a bit the code of the value insert dialogs
-the screenshoot button can be changed and saved to config file (NOTE: if you don’t set any button it’s disabled)
-cheat modification dialog has been redesigned (thanks to Haruyuki for the idea on how to change it), now all
the codelines are showed contemporanely and with their adress, value in hex and value in decimal
R changes COLUMS (address, hex value, dec value) L changes ROWS (codelines), X saves the modifications, O aborts them
and DPAD just like before moves in the number and changes it
-fixed a buffer overflow which made remapsp auto enabling if the game name in the db was bigger than 30 chars
-now the game name can be up to 36 chars
-reworked the text reader: it can open files up to 1mb and scrool them up and down. it still requires some functions
and the up botton requires some checks, but it works fine 🙂
-fixes here and there and optimizations

[INSTALLER] -added support to DLX
-updated version

[DB DOWNLOADER] -updated version

[PACKAGE] -added german translation by Martek, spanish by Lezek and portogues by Coimbra.
-added translation utilities by Martek

이 사이트는 광고를 포함하고 있습니다.
광고로 발생한 수익금은 서버 유지 관리에 사용되고 있습니다.

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