Capcom CPS1 Emulator v1.01 Released

Capcom CPS1 Emulator v1.01

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Capcom CPS1 Emulator v1.01 For PSP

NJ has released a perhaps final version of his Capcom CPS1 arcade system emulator for PSP which includes a minor bug fix for a single game:

Fixed state save/load in Pang!3

Additionally, he has addressed speculations about what project he’ll tackle next:

With this, things have settled down for me. I don’t think there will be anymore updates for the forseeable future. As for what I’ll make next, maybe I’ll port something else… However, it’s more likely that I’ll just end it with this.

There aren’t any (that I’m interested in) from overseas makers, SEGA, or CAPCOM. Source could be reused for SEGA, however, sadly, I have absolutely no interest in them, including their home consoles. Additionally, I started working on CPS1PSP without knowing about the impending release of Capcom Collection. It looks like there might not be any need to make anything else.

_M#] NJ 드디어 파이널 버젼을 내놓았다.
당분간(?) 작업을 안할듯 합니다.
NJ는 저러다가도 하나씩 내 놓을 가능성이 있지 않을지 …

일단 캡콤에서 리메이크 버젼들이 출시되면서 CPS1 에뮬레이터는 필요가 없다고 판단을 했는지, 아니면 외압이 작용을 했는지는 잘 모르겠지만 확실한건 리드미 파일에도 있듯이 캡콤 콜렉션 때문 이라고 한다.

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