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[#M_ ReadMe 열기 | ReadMe닫기 |3.80 M33


– Installation requires a PSP with 3.52 M33-3 or higher. In the future installation using
  panddra battery will be released.


– Copy the UPDATE folder into /PSP/GAME/
– Get the 3.80 sony update from somewhere, and put it in same folder, with name “380.PBP”.
– Run it, the update will be done by Sony updater. At the end when you are asked to reboot the
PSP pressing X or O, do it.


– HEN core: user mode can load now signchecked files from flash.
– recovery: flash1 format will create flash1 directories after format.
  This could fix some flash1 issues with the previous versions.
– Network update from dark-alex.org page. By default is enabled.
  You can turn it off in recovery (when off, network update will download sony updates as usual).
– Nids resolver for various kernel libraries.


In 3.80 sony has changed (again) kernel nids. The nids resolver will resolve a lot of nids from firmwares 1.50-3.60
(traditional nids) to the ones of 3.80 kernel.
In general, 3.71 nids will NOT be resolved to 3.80 ones. However, to compatibilize 3.80 M33 with prx’s programmed for 3.71,
a few very 3.71 nids that were found in some 3.71 plugins will be resolved too.
More info about what is resolved in nidsresolver_status.txt.

Thanks to the combination of the nids resolver and the user libraries possibility in kernel mode added back in 3.71 M33-3,
some programs that stopped working in 3.30 M33 may work again now. One of them is PimpStreamer 0.90.

Finally, popsloader plugin from 3.71 will not work in 3.80 M33 due to its system dependancy. A new one will be rewritten for 3.80 M33._M#]요구사항 :
PSP의 시스템소프트웨어(펌웨어)가 3.52 M33-3 버젼 이상이 필요합니다.
차후엔 판도라배터리로 설치가능하게할 것이다? – (맞나요 -_-;; 한계…)

설치방법 :
다운로드 받은 파일의 압축을 풀면 UPDATE 라는 폴더가 있습니다.
그 폴더를 메모리스틱의 PSP/GAME/ 폴더에 복사합니다.
그리고 플레이스테이션 코리아에서 시스템소프트웨어 3.80을 다운로드 받은 후 파일 이름을 380.PBP로 바꾸고 메모리스틱의 PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ 폴더에 복사합니다.
XMB에서 실행합니다.
업데이트가 끝나면 재부팅여부를 물어봅니다. (X)키 또는 (O)키를 를 누릅니다.

[#M_ ReadMe 열기 | ReadMe 닫기 |3.80 M33-2

3.80 M33

Instructions: Copy UPDATE folder to /PSP/GAME folder

This update fixes a couple of issues.

– Function scePowerGetClockFrequency/scePowerGetClockFrequencyInt was not resolved properly due to a
  confussion between the two nids applying to the same function. Fixed, this update is necessary
  for plugins and kernel homebrew reporting psp cpu speed.

– PSX EBOOT.PBP that have a icon of 80×80 pixels will not be replaced by Dracula icon in savedata.

Explanation of icon issue:
In 3.80 pops, Sony has introduced a bug that causes a crash when the icon of the pbp is not 80×80,
like those of psstore. To resolve the issue, M33 was replacing the icon in ram by the one with Dracuala image,
what caused the side effect of ps1 save games having Dracula icon.

Now the behaviour in 3.80 M33-2 is to replace the icon in ram only if the one in the file is not 80×80._M#]요구사항 :
3.80 M33 이 설치되어있어야 한다.

설치방법 :
다운로드 받은 파일의 압축을 풀면 UPDATE 라는 폴더가 있습니다.
메모리스틱의 PSP/GAME/ 폴더로 복사한 후 XMB에서 UPDATE를 실행합니다.

이어 m33-3 그리고 m33-4 로 업데이트 되었습니다.

[#M_ m33-3 변경내용 열기 | m33-3 변경내용 닫기 |

  • Fixed synchronization issue that plugins check code caused in PSN NP9660 original games (fixes 0x80010013 error)
  • Added a couple of libs to the nids resolver.
  • Added some internal changes required by incoming 3.80 popsloader plugin.

_M#] [#M_ m33-4 변경내용 열기 | m33-4 변경내용 닫기 |

  • galaxy.prx was changed to a new version that is giving problems with slow memory sticks.
  • Reverted back to previous versions. This didn’t only affect decrypted isos running in NP9660 mode.

_M#]그리고 M33-5 …

[#M_ m33-5 변경내용 열기 | m33-5 변경내용 닫기 |

  • Fixed custom CPU clock not working in games
  • CPU clock has never (in any SE/OE/M33) be set at all in games that restarted using sceKernelLoadExec to use a subgame or reload themselves, after said restart happened (e.g. Castlevania). Fixed.
  • Added setting to recovery to hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG in the XMB game menu By default off, when on you will probably notice a faster browse in XMB games. This setting only applies to any kind of apps/games (pbp, iso) that load from MS, but not to UMD’s.


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